Wills are an
important asset.

Your Will is an important legal document outlining your wishes for when you pass away.

A properly drafted Will details:

  • who you want to receive your assets;
  • who you want to give specific personal gifts;
- arrangements you want made for your funeral;
  •  appoint legal guardians for your children if they are under 18 years old; and

  • who you want to be your executor when you pass away.

In the absence of a well drafted Will, you are in jeopardy of not having your wishes fulfilled and increase the risk of a matter concerning your Will being contested and ultimately ending up in Court. As such, the proper drafting of your Will is essential to ensure the best protection of your assets and family as well as the correct execution of your wishes. 

Our extensive experience as litigators dealing with contested Wills allows us to anticipate issues that may arise, and as such, take proper caution to ensure that you will not have these issues arise when we draft your Will, providing protection of you, your assets, and your loved ones.

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