Selling A Business

Selling a business

Transferring the ownership
of a business is significant transaction.

Transferring the ownership of a business is a significant transaction which you want to ensure is perfect.

The consequences of not getting it right can be catastrophic and lead to unnecessary disputes and financial loss.

Selling a business is a complex process and depending on the nature of the business, there may be a range of legal issues which need to be taken into consideration. Our expert Lawyers have a wealth of experience in drafting business sales contracts and can assist you with transferring all ownership of the rights, responsibilities and assets of the business. It is imperative to identify these components, in order to ensure the contract for sale of business includes them all correctly and to avoid any issues arising at a later stage. These can include:

  • the business name, licences, trademarks, patents and goodwill;
  • business premises;
  • the business’ fixed assets, equipment and stock;
  • employment contracts;
  • any supplier agreements and current invoices/orders; and
  • information about the business’ debtors and financial structure, including taxation.

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