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draw on their extensive experience to protect your interests.

The transfer of a business whether small or large is a complex and legalistic process, requiring the upmost conscientiousness and diligence. This is because the sale and purchase of a business goes beyond the simple sale of a property, to involving the sale of intangible assets, such as goodwill, and requires consideration of expenses such as employee wages and sick leave.

In the absence of a well drafted business contract of sale and without the proper guidance from a competent lawyer, you may find yourself in a situation where you are unable to protect the investment you have made from either buying or selling a business.

Our expert Lawyers draw on their extensive experience to protect your interests and ensure the execution of a business contract of sale advances effortlessly. Our team prides itself on providing a pragmatic and serene service by attaining the greatest outcome for you, even in moments of complexity.

Our expertise in business conveyancing allows us to provide you with:

– competitive fixed fee pricing;
– swift turnaround times on both contract advice and contract preparation; and
– years of experience in all types of business transactions.

We understand the importance of your transaction and as such, endeavour to achieve your desired outcome.

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